update list

9.5.06    The Epilogue to When the Sun Never Rises has been posted.  I also have a new site for my miscellaneous fandom fic.

8.26.05    I've had a lot of people contact me and ask me if I'm still writing and when I'm going to update.  All I can say is that for the last 10 months, RL has been absolutely insane.  I am still writing, though I simply do not have the time I once had.  I do plan to add more to my site, but unfortunately, I can't begin to give a timeframe on updates.  Thanks to everyone who continues to express an interest in my writing.

1.29.05    Part 7 of the Buffy/Angelus AU piece,  When the Sun Never Rises has been posted on my twin's site.

1.22.05    WIPs.  Works in Progress.  I'm feeling guilty about not posting anything for so long, so I've decided to post some of my WIPs.  Consider yourself warned, they are rough.  These are by no means polished, finished works.  Most of them have never seen a beta.  I do hope to one day to back and finish these stories to my satisfaction, but right now I just don't have time.

9.22.04    I posted the DVD commentary tracks for Domestication.  It's only done through chapter 10 right now, but I hope to have the second half done and posted soon.

8.16.04    I finally have my own domain. indiefic.com!!

6.28.04      My new Buffy piece "Details" is up.  It's B/A, far future, set after the end of both series.  NC-17.  There are also several new Stargate pieces posted.

6.18.04    I am still writing Buffy.  I have quite a few fics in the work and hope to have them done soon.  Aside from Buffy, I have now started writing for the Stargate: SG-1 fandom.  My Stargate site is HERE.  If you would like to be notified when I have new Stargate pieces up, the new update list is HERE.  (It is for Stargate only!  My Buffy updates will still be send out through my regular update list.)

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