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Learning to Tango:  Fanfiction by Tango
My twinly, Tango's, domain.  She is unapologetically wicked and damn if you shouldn't love her all the more for that.  She cuts right to the chase whether she's tearing out your heart or making you pant with lust.  Her language is sharp enough to draw blood.  She creates believable AU's with the characters we love without compromising anything.  From the biggest plot twist to the smallest detail, she weaves it all seamlessly into stories that haunt you.  And you know, she just rocks so much.

Moon Madness:  Fanfiction by Laure Alexander
Laure is a goddess.  I don't care if you don't like slash or Dru or Angelus being mean to Buffy.  Read her fic and you will GET IT.  She doesn't gloss it over for you.  She isn't puppy dogs and bubble gum.  She is decadent, gloriously smutty fic.  Think Godiva dark chocolate ice cream - now wrap it in hot fudge and add a big dollup of whipped cream and maybe you have the tiniest idea of what her fic is like.

Margot's Femfic
Margot Le Faye is a gloriously gifted writer and she loves her B/A steadfastly and unapologetically.  She gives us the tastiest, most unadulterated study of Angelus available anywhere.  Margot doesn't skimp on details or gloss over the bad parts in her quest for the happy ending.  She gives you real, believable character motivations without shying away from the darker side of (un)life.  She doesn't neuter the characters, not Buffy and certainly not Spike or Angelus.  Buffy is the Slayer, unapologetic and deadly competent.  Angelus isn't a cranky version of Angel, he's the most vicious and evil demon to walk the face of the earth.  She can do light and fluffy as easily as she can do dark and wicked.  Oh yeah, and she's possibly the nicest person on the web.  *g*

Vampire Defense League:  the fanfiction of Vatrixsta Cruden
Trix is a Writer.  Her turns of phrase are nothing short of amazing.  She comes up with intriguing plots both large and small that never fail to draw the reader in.  But it's her emotions that really make her fic worth the read.  She manages to insert the tiniest, most unexpected glimpses into the characters minds that somehow make the fic seem so terribly real, giving it an almost tactile quality that engages all of the readers' senses.  She'll make you laugh and cry and stare blankly in amazement.

trammie's B/A fanfiction at bitchenvy
Trammie's lovely site.  Gia did a great job designing the site, it's so lovely to look at.  And of course, the goddess Lex is hosting.  With stunningly beautiful words by trammie to top it off, you really can't go wrong with this site.

Selina's Rooftop, home of Cat-Tales
This isn't Buffy.  It's Catwoman.  Catwoman/Batman (Selina Kyle/Bruce Wayne) to be exact.  It may be off the regularly beaten path, but it's honestly one of the most amazing pieces of writing I've read in a very long time.  It's sharp, funny and feels amazingly real.  And no smut.  Go figure, I like something without smut.  Oh yeah, and it's HUGE!  Rich universe, amazing characters ... go forth and read.

Every Six Seconds:  Adult Buffy fanfiction by Gia
Gia writes some of the most original fic in the Buffyverse.  And they are so much fun.  And smutty.  Buffy going undercover as a stripper ... Buffy leaving Angel for The Rock (yes, the wrassler *g*), ... don't forget the most excellent PWPs.  A wonderful, beautiful site full of amazing fic.  Her stories are full bodied, never skimping in any area.  Plus, Gia is just absolutely fucking adorable.

Nanda:  SG-1 Fic
The Nanda-verse.  Her SG-1 fic (mostly Sam/Jack, though I adore everything she's written, regardless of pairing) is absolutely phenomenal.  She doesn't sacrifice realism for the sake of a happy ending.  She manages to give us a glimpse into Sam/Jack that doesn't disrespect their military careers or turn them into idealized, shallow shadows of themselves.  She writes light and fluffy as well as gut-wrenchingly dark and she does it all with a style and polish that is woefully lacking in this fandom.

Fanfiction by Nymue
Nymue's site.  Her stories are rich epics, well thought out that run the gamit of emotion.  The Christabel Chronicles are a cross between Buffy and one of the most satisfying historical romances you could ever hope to read.  Her universe is staggering in its richness.

The Naughty Slayer:  Adult B/A Fanfiction Archive
TNS.  The definitive collection of Adult B/A writing through the first three seasons of Buffy.  Lex and Tam have finally laid it to rest so to speak.  It will remain housed as is, but there will be no more updates to the site.

Harpy's "Diary" and "Letters" series are hands down the most intense romantic erotica in the B/A fandom.  IMO.  I dare you to argue with me on this one.  Don't expect to be able to pick up one chapter and understand the entire piece.  It's very very long and very very involved.  Chapters are interdependent upon one another.  You need to read it from start to finish in order.  You'll thank me.  I promise.

Insect Reflections:  Yahtzee's BTVS fanfic
Yahtzee's writing always spins me.  I pick up one of her stories and I can't put it down until I'm finished reading.  And then I'm stuck on it for days.  Her writing is powerful, intense and a thousand other adjectives I can't come up with at the moment.  Her characterizations are erie in their perfectness.  She does B/A, but she also does other pairings and she doesn't have any qualms about omitting the happy ending.  She delves into the darker places that a lot of fanfic writers fear to tread.  She can write any pairing and make you believe it could be real, no matter how much you do or don't want it.  She writes BTVS and AtS as well as a couple of other fandoms.

Slashing the Angel
SLASHING THE ANGEL - ooh, nasty goodness.  It's a mutli-author archive run by Kita.  Kita's fics are amazing, dark and rich and even if you don't like slash, they're well worth a read for the look into Angel's character.  And the smut.  Okay, so I don't understand how Angel/Spike could be bad ...

Lex no longer writes Buffy, but that's no reason not to visit the site.  Her work is slick and dirty and very, very satisfying.  She also writes ABVS and Witchblade.

After Midnight
Tamara's fic site.  So, so many lovely things.

Fics by Ciderbreak.  A lot of pairings, not just B/A, but well worth a visit.

Destructo Girl:  Pamela's Buffy Site
Alessandra (formerly Pamela)'s site.  A fluffy B/Aus series?  In depth explorations of codependency?  Nobody does it like her.  The site is absolutely beautiful, slick design, wonderful maintenance.  She has tons of extras.  Check it out and marvel at both her writing and her coding.

Land of Denial
Serena's wonderful collective site.  It's got everything.

Lady Sirona's BTVS Fanfiction
Adult fic, transcribed from IMs.  Rough but very smutty and very amusing.  Most of the site is incomplete and will likely stay that way.

Chocolate and Chains: SJ Smith's fanfiction
Sharon J. Smith's fanfiction.  Quite yummy.

Sienna's fanfiction
Sienna's site.  Much nummyness.

Octaves of the Heart.  A lovely site by Chrislee that promotes the very best in the BtVS/AtS fandom regardless of pairing.  Very nice list of featured authors with fun little mini-interviews.  If you've ever wondered about your favorite authors, go check it out because it'll give you insight you didn't have before.  And don't forget to check out the authors you aren't familiar with either.

House of Blues
House of Blues.  Collective site of Baby Blues, Audball and Chad.

but there's a devil in the looking glass ... E.E. Beck's collective site
Eolian E. Beck's collective site.  She really has a way with words and writes in a whole lot of fandoms.  Mostly Harry Potter, but also some Buffy, Roswell, West Wing, Queer as Folk and original work too.

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