Damage by indie

Buffy is the Slayer trying to live life as a normal recently-graduated young woman.  She has plans to go to college, to find love, to make her father and stepmother proud.  Most of all, she plans to stay out of trouble.  Staying out of trouble means avoiding resident morally ambiguous sorcerer, Liam "Angel" Roarke.  Easier said than done when he's her stepmother's half-brother.

And easier said than done when they have a bond that goes beyond family ties, beyond magick, and beyond either of their understanding.

Angel is the last person that Buffy would turn to for help - or so she thought.  She finds out differently when a series of events leaves her homeless, jobless and facing an identity crisis that threatens to crush her.  It's just the opportunity that Angel has been waiting for.

Can Angel make Buffy understand the importance of her Power?

Can Buffy make Angel understand that Power isn't everything?


1.  This is meta gankfic.  I've borrowed from everybody.  There's some Harry Potter, some Witches of Eastwick, a healthy dose of Lisa Kleypas's romance, and of course, BtVS and AtS canon.  No lifting, but liberal reworking of ideas abounds.

3.  I've taken lots of liberties with the Ennis-Brown House, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.  The house is stunningly beautiful, but far too small to actually be the monstrous home described in the fic.  I'm asking for suspension of disbelief.  Pretend the house is much, much bigger than it actually is.

DEDICATION: For trammie, tango and gia for their endless enthusiasm, inspiration and friendship.  To Margot for her level head and kind words.  And finally to Vatrixsta who helped me more on this fic than she shall ever know.

"Tragedy and Time"

Chapter One
"Depths Yet Unplumbed"
Chapter Two
"As One Door Closes ..."
Chapter Three
"... Another Opens"
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
"Change of Scenery"
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight
"New Ways to Bleed"
Chapter Nine
"Wounds, Old and New"
Chapter Ten
"Changing Seasons"
Chapter Eleven
Chapter Twelve
"Secrets in the Dark"
Chapter Thirteen
Chapter Fourteen
"Reconnaissance and Regrouping"
Chapter Fifteen
"Turning Tide"
Chapter Sixteen
Chapter Seventeen
Chapter Eighteen
"'Til Death Do Us Part"
Chapter Nineteen
Chapter Twenty
Chapter Twenty-One
"Life After"

Author's Note:  There will eventually be an epilogue for this story.  However, at the moment, I have no idea when it will be posted.

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